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Are you paying too much for leads? 0dn.com is an affordable lead resource for creative agents. The basic plan is only $29.95 per month for an unlimited number of leads. In order to create a roster of agents and lenders, we are offering promotional memberships for only $149.95 per year. Sign up now!

Advertising does not have to be expensive; it needs to be effective. 0dn.com has identified two large motivated segments in the market. The first segment is motivated buyers who need creative agents. The second segment is the agents. 0dn.com has designed an effective website to assist both segments.

You will be able to display your skills and qualifications on the 0dn.com website for buyers and sellers to see. After comparing your profile against other agents, the buyer or seller will usually contact the agent who they most want to represent them. As a member of 0dn.com you are allowed to use the 0dn.com logo in your marketing tools.

As you are aware, down payment is a big hurdle for many buyers. There are millions of families and businesses that are cash poor, but that want to buy real estate. If you are one of the few professional real estate agents that is able to structure no money down deals for buyers, then this site is for you. Is it no wonder that the "no money down" phenomena is the second most popular infomercial market in history! Wouldn't you like to tap into the vast supply of buyers? Here is your opportunity.

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Disclaimer: 0dn.com is a website that is designed to promote creative financing. 0dn.com does not represent buyers or sellers. 0dn.com does not guarantee approval or sales. 0dn.com is a lead generation site for lenders and agents. 0dn.com does not guarantee the quality of leads generated nor does it guarantee that leads will be generated.

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